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Sauna Time Heater

Sauna Time Heater


Product Description

Heat Storing Heaters

Designed and patented by Finnleo to provide saunas for today’s fast paced lifestyles…saunas always ready when you are, sauna providing the environment desired by sauna users worldwide–“Lower temperature and higher humidity.” Finnleo’s “SaunaTime” and “Saunatonttu” heaters are a combination of a thousand year tradition and the best of modern technology. The magnificent heat-storing heaters allow the sauna bather to enjoy sauna at any time without pre-heating. Simply open the lid, sit or lie down, sprinkle water on the preheated rocks…and enjoy.

The secret of the Finnleo heat-storing heaters is in the constant heat retained by the large quantity of rocks (200 lbs.) within the super-insulated heater. Space age insulation technology made this innovation possible–super heated rocks inside, cool surface temperatures outside. The temperature of the rocks is maintained by the low wattage elements that can be switched to 100 watts, 200 watts or 300 watts depending on the amount of heat and steam desired by the user. If more heat is desired, or if multiple users will use the sauna, the booster element can be turned on for extra heating power.

SaunaTime Specs…

Separate handheld control mounted inside the sauna
Low wattage range (“always on” mode): 135W, 225W or 360W
Booster element power range: 4.4kW and 5.8kW
200lbs. of vulcanite rocks
For saunas 175 cu. ft. to 425 cu. ft.
34″H x 15″W x 19″D