Pacific Coast Sauna and Spa
Pikkutonttu Heater

Pikkutonttu Heater


Product Description

For the discerning traditional sauna bather, the Pikkutonttu has it all. Whether you want low temperatures and high humidity, maximum temperatures and low humidity or maximimum temperatures with high humidity, you, the bather, decide.

Instead of being always on, as in the Saunatonttu, the Pikkutonttu is controlled with the Finnleo Digi Series control and turns on only when activiated by the control.

Even though the heater has a huge rock mass (154 lbs.–for soft heat and soft steam) its super-insulated shell keeps sauna heat-up time similar to a traditional sauna heater. With it’s 24 hour programmability, users can easily program the Digi series control to have the heater hot and ready at a prescribed time.

The Pikkutonttu has fast become the world’s ultimate traditional sauna heater for it’s superior performance and design. Visit your local Finnleo showroom today to see one first-hand.