Pacific Coast Sauna and Spa
AK/K60/ADK Generator
AK/K60/ADK Control

AK/K60/ADK Package

Product Description


Finnleo’s AK series generators, by Amerec, are engineered for performance and reliability. The innovative “soft steam” feature provides the ultimate in steam bathing comfort. Minimal temperature variations and an even flow of steam are the two most important performance characteristics of a steam bath. Amerec engineering delivers both with innovative “soft steam” element switching to maintain a consistent and comfortable bathing environment. The AK uses full power to quickly heat up the steam room to its preset temperature; then it cuts power to half its elements, resulting in a more consistent flow of soft billowing steam and more stable temperature. The AK is packaged with the K60 control and the ADK, automatic drain kit.

ADK Automatic Drain Valve

The ADK automatic drain valve is designed to drain and flush the generator tank after the end of each steam bath to reduce sediment build-up inside the tank, prolong heating element life and provide fresh water for each bath. The ADK drain and flush cycle waits approximately 17 minutes to allow water in the tank to cool, then calls for cold water input to further reduce water temperature before the motorized drain valve opens to drain the tank. Water continues to flow through the system to flush out sediment and debris, and then the tank remains empty until the next steam bath.

The K60 Control features:

  • Digital display alternates between room temperature and time remaining
  • 3-button control with on/off, temperature setting and time duration setting adjustable up to 60 minutes
  • Remote sensor must be mounted inside steam room, on a wall 6″ down from the ceiling
  • Control can be mounted inside or outside the steam bath
  • Available in several finishes, including: polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass